I've had these boards for years, tucked away in storage.  I bought them in about 1975 at a surplus store.  They have several tube sockets on the front, and a handful of resistors and capacitors on the sides.  The "Electrodata" boards are smaller and use printed circuits, whereas the Burroughs/Electrodata modules are much larger and appear to be point-to-point wired.  The boards have the following intriguing designations on them.  The person who ran the store said something to the effect that they "came out of an old bank computer".  Any ideas what they are from?



old-tube-boards-thumb.JPG (10495 bytes) clock-pulse-gen-board-thumb.JPG (11659 bytes) blue-board-thumb.JPG (8866 bytes)


TBP Generator

Clock Pulse Gen.


Read Amplifier

Format Selection

"ECO 1344 in 137 only"


Burroughs Corp./Electrodata Division

grey-board-side-thumb.JPG (12423 bytes) 67-board-thumb.JPG (10520 bytes) burroughs-electrodata-label.jpg (32455 bytes)


Loop Read

Loop Write

Main Read