Orange Freeze
(my recipe)


2 cups 2% milk
2 cups ice
4 teaspoons sugar
8 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate (do not dilute)

Combine juice concentrate, milk, and sugar in a blender. 
Slowly add ice while blending on high.  If you use
crushed ice, it will make life easier for your blender. 
Blend until mixture is a smooth, creamy consistency.
Makes 2-3 servings.

Irish Coffee
from Gateway to Ireland (


One stemmed whiskey or grog glass
very hot strong black coffee
1 tablesp. whipped cream
2-3 teasp. sugar
measure of Irish Whiskey

Heat glass.
Heat whiskey and poor into the glass, fill with very hot black coffee in which the sugar has been disolved.
Float the cream on top.

Tip! Turn a teaspoon upside down and hold against rim inside the glass.
Pour in the cream slowly over the spoon.

The secret lies in the combination of the piping hot coffee with a slight taste of
Irish Whiskey and the cold soothing cream on top.

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