The Obligatory Cute Pets Page

hoser-casual.JPG (39685 bytes) "I'm too sexy for my chair, too sexy for my chair..." - Hoser
Hoser and Presto (being cute just before the fighting breaks out over who gets the chair) Hoser-and-Presto-sitting-in-chair.JPG (40271 bytes)
Hoser-belly.JPG (37565 bytes) Hoser, going for the "How much cat can you fit in one office chair" record...
"Being cute is such hard work!" hoser-and-presto-being-cute-is-tiring.JPG (46175 bytes)
hoser-introspective.JPG (22025 bytes) "Does this paint clash with my fur?"
Hoser gets ready for Christmas... wrapping your cat.JPG (59548 bytes)
crash-in-your-face.JPG (39696 bytes) Crash Cat, IN YOUR FACE!
"I don't want to appear at all... ominous..." - Crash Cat crash-ominous.JPG (22026 bytes)
cleo.JPG (39562 bytes) Favorite Quotes from My Mother (Who "Hates" Cats)

1976 - The family has one very old cat; Ms.Kitty - "When this cat is gone, we're never having any more pets in the house!"

1980 - Bill brings home a stray cat. - "Well, okay, you can feed her, but she's not coming in the house!" (next day) "Okay - she can come into the basement, but I never want her upstairs." (two days later) "Okay - she can come upstairs, but I'd better not catch her on the furniture!".  (several weeks later, the cat is stretched out on my mother's best couch, obviously expecting) "You can keep the mother, but we're giving away the kittens!" (later, "Mother" the cat gives birth to 4 adorable kittens - Cleo, Murphy, Morris, and Cinder) "Okay - they can stay for a while, but we're not keeping them!"

1990 - My aunt and her cat "Angel" move in with my mother. 

1999 - Cleo, one of the "adorable kittens" (pictured on the right) still lives with my mother.  Her three siblings have passed on, after 17 years of being spoiled rotten by my mother and shedding on all of her best furniture.

2000 - "I get so tired of cleaning up after these cats; I'm never going to have another one."  (She buys Friskies in 50 lb bags, and the cats get tuna about 3 times a week.  There are about half a dozen strays that are regulars for dinner...)


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