The Logitech "Cyberman"

cyberman2.jpg (78727 bytes)

It seemed like such a good idea; take a mouse, and stick it on top of a joystick.  It wasn't.  It would slide and tilt along all three axes, as well as push down and pull up, which should have been great for first-person games like Quake and Doom.  The problem was, the implementation of the idea sucked.  It would drag horribly if you tried to slide it while tilting it, and in order to tilt it forward, you had to wrap your thumb and pinky finger down around the sides, because any downward pressure on the front would cause unwanted pressing of the buttons.  (Oh - it also gave "feedback" by vibrating like the Ultra-PleasureVibe 2000 whenever something hit your character in a game.)  Happily, most Logitech products since then have been excellent, including the "MouseMan Sensa" and the "SurfMan" wireless trackball.