The belt-drive setup for the power feed calls for a 4"-1" reduction pulley.  I couldn't find any easily, so I started with one of these...

pulley.JPG (73131 bytes)

...and machined the hub into a 1" pulley on the lathe!

1inch-pulley.jpg (107105 bytes)

Since it's an idler pulley, the set screw is not needed, except to hold it on the arbor while machining the hub.  I took out the screw, ground it down to about 1/8" long to keep from hitting it while turning the hub, and put it back long enough to machine the 1" pulley.

1inch-pulley-medium.jpg (140708 bytes)

It was a little hairy, because I couldn't figure out any way to get the tool post close to the pulley hub without running the compound-feed into the 4" section of the pulley.  I ended up just sticking the cutter out as far as it would go, and was _just_ able to reach far enough.  I did the initial cuts with left-hand and right-hand cutters, and finished up with a round-nosed cutter.  I also shortened the side-walls of the 4" section, since there's not a lot of extra space between the pulleys, and only a small lip is needed to keep the round belts in place.  I gave the whole thing a little buffing with a strip of 120 grit emery cloth to get rid of any burrs that might cut up the belts.
1inch-pulley-closeup.jpg (123478 bytes)