Sony's Robot Dogs

This image is from the Sony (Japan) web site (   I have placed it here for the convenience of people in the U.S. who, like me, are fascinated with robots and would enjoy seeing the robot.  I think these little guys are pretty amazing.  I have been told that Sony and Dr. Kitano (of Sony Computer Labs) entered two of these in the RoboCup (autonomous robotic soccer) competition.   If you go to the address listed above, you can download QuickTime movies of the robot(s) engaged in various activities.  Just look for the links which appear in english as ƒV[ƒ“1  ƒV[ƒ“2   ƒV[ƒ“3  ƒV[ƒ“4  and ƒV[ƒ“5.  There are 5 movies in all.  All images of the robot(s) are copyright 1995-1998 Sony Corporation.

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