Technology makes for wonderful toys!

Faster than a speeding ticket!  More powerful than a food processor! Able to leap tall lava lamps at a single bound! It's a shiatsu massager... it's an electric toothpick... it's... Gadget Boy!


Of course, Gadget Boy would never be caught dead without his trusty Secret Decoder Ring!

Another of my favorite pieces of wearable technology (I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago, and think that wearing a 6805 microcontroller around on your wrist is too cool) is the Timex Data Link Watch.   Update September 1999: Timex has discontinued the Datalink product line.  :^(  A pox on them!

The new item on  my Christmas list is the Seiko Ruputer, rumored to be available in the US in late fall 1999 (Santa's helper, take note! ;-)

ruputer.gif (19117 bytes) ruputer_anim.gif (17147 bytes)


A little too off-the-shelf for you? Then, how about Hacking the Timex Datalink Watch?

And, while we're in a violent mood, anyone for a round of Hacking the GameBoy?

What's that? You're frightened by all this hardware? Your mother won't let you keep Pets (or Apples, or VIC-20's)? Yet you still yearn for the sound of stripping gears, the smell of burning insulation, and the feeling of hot solder dripping onto your fly? Well, chin up, Bucky! Why not try a Robot Simulator? Resistance is futile!

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